Introducing THE POUR THING! *NOTICE: Pour thing is currently unavailable*

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This is a one of a kind Refrigerator Bottle-Pouring Device. Used to easily pour milk, soda liters effortlessly. See the picture below on how its used.


Many different types of liquids are commonly sold in one-gallon plastic containers. These containers tend to be very heavy and awkward when the user goes to pour them, and spills are eminent. The Pour Thing allows the user to pour the container with just two fingers and you don't even have to take it out of the refrigerator. There's with very little chance of spilling. A child who could not handle a gallon container can use the Pour Thing with ease.

A gallon size jug of milk or juice is just too heavy to lift! A gallon of liquid can weigh close to 8 lbs! That makes it hard to lift, and even harder to control as you pour. The innovative design of the Pour Thing"! Gallon Jug Tipper makes the milk bottle feel so much lighter! Just tip the swinging holder to tilt the jug for pouring. You can do it with just one finger! This easy to use holder is stored on a shelf in the fridge, eliminating the need to take the jug out to pour. Just take off the bottle top and tilt the Pour Thing"! forward. It's so much easier on your hands, arms and shoulders than lugging a milk jug around the kitchen! Place your gallon container into the holder with the neck of the bottle in the cut out at the top. The top section and a 1" raised lip along the bottom edge hold the bottle in place as you tip forward to pour. The holder (with some help from gravity) will return the jug to an upright position once you stop pushing it forward. You can also tilt the jug backward when you're done pouring. The Pour Thing"! works with most gallon jugs and a 2 liter of soda. Experiment with different styles of bottles and containers to see what fits best. With the Pour Thing"! Gallon Jug Tipper in the fridge, kids and adults alike can pour their own milk without worries about lifting!

Once two-liter pop bottles are opened, they tend to collapse and become very difficult when the user tries to pour them. Once again, the Pour Thing solves the problem entirely. The effort it takes to use a Pour Thing is as simple as picking up a set of car keys. Pour Thing can also be used on a counter top or a table top. The inventor has field-tested this thing extensively and has had remarkable results. He has shown it to approximately 2,000 people and found only 3 that did not care for it. People who have used one of the prototypes don't want to give them back to him.

Dimensions Base: 7" W x 5" D x 5" H

Bottle Holder: 6" W x 5" D x 9" H

Clearance: There needs to be 7.5" of clearance behind the holder to accommodate the tray as a bottle is tipped forward.

Product Weight 2 lb 4 oz  

Available Colors White Compatibility (other devices) Fits most 1 gallon milk bottles.

Care/Washing Instructions Wash in warm water and dish soap. Made of Plastic.

Types: Comes in 2 liter (soda bottle) version or a 1 gallon (milk) version.


Pricing: Retail: $19.95 - Wholesale: $15 (on orders of 5+)

Contact: Thanks for your interest in this new product, my name is Kyle and if you want to order or know more please contact me by one of these methods. - Phone: 918-841-6191. You can use the Paypal button below to order with a credit card securely online!

Sorry the item is no longer available. Visit me now at

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