Introducing the New Aerodynamic Fins

The Aerodynamic Fins Reduce Air Flow on Cars, Trucks, Boats and Airplanes

These two pictures show the fins on the hood of a 2000 Mazda MPV.




The fins accomplish the following

Improve fuel mileage by at least 10% by reducing the amount of friction

Improve road handling

Made of Steel.

Virtually eliminate turbulence when passing semi's

Are good looking, can be installed by anyone in about 10 minutes

The fins accomplish the same result for a boat as it moves through the water.

To use, simply attach the fins to a vehicle with double-sided molding tape (tape cannot be used on boats). The fins pay for themselves very quickly with the increase in fuel mileage. The improvement in road handling make them ideal for emergency vehicles and fleet usage. The fins can also be used on trucks, and tests on aircraft have produced a 13% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Note: This item is for a 12 pack of these fins. Place at 45 degree angles randomly on the front hood of your vehicle to improve fuel efficiency!

Retail: $15 - Wholesale: $10 (on orders of 5+ set, 12 fins in each set)

Contact: Thanks for your interest in this new product, my name is Kyle and if you want to order or know more please contact me by one of these methods - Phone: 918-841-6191

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