Revolt Against The TSA

Americans are outraged at the obstruction of freedom and privacy at the hands of the TSA. The group that screens flyers at Airports across the nation puts passengers through a rigorous and invasive pat down, including squeezing breasts and touching genitals to protect us all…yea right! These sickos treat Americans like criminals while Anwar al-Awlaki meets at the Pentagon, give me a break. The pat downs are your second choice if you refuse the high radiation emitting naked body scanners, that not only infuse your cells with lethal rays but allow perverted TSA workers to slovenly enjoy seeing your naked self, but don’t worry they would never save the images…woops they had thousands of images saved from one florida airport but you are suppose to forget that.

Following intense and sustained focus on the issue by the Drudge Report, Infowars and Prison Planet, Reuters reports that, “Executives from the travel industry, including online travel sites, theme parks and hotels, were set to meet Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Pistole on Friday to discuss their concerns that security is crimping travel.”

The feds were forced into action after five prominent pilot and travel associations, along with a flight attendants union, vowed to boycott naked body scanners as well as the new invasive pat down procedure, threatening travel chaos. The backlash has also been characterized by new cases of individuals being abused at the hands of the TSA, stories which continue to pour in on a daily basis.